Mission Statement

At Berrios & Associates, Inc. we realize that no one wants average performance from their business professionals. Thus, our goal is to provide the highest quality of professional services to our clients in a prompt and timely manner in order to help them grow their lives and their businesses. We believe we exist to add value to our clients through offering consistently creative and innovative services. Our clients are presented with sound solutions that fit their professional and personal needs. We place our clients’ best interests ahead of our own; we are prompt, responsive and committed. Remember, no one wants average. We get better as time goes on.

Maureen Berrios


Maureen Berrios is the owner and founder of Berrios & Associates, Inc. since 1999. She has over 30 years experience within the accounting industry. Prior to the firm’s inception, Maureen was an active partner in a CPA firm for 3 years. Maureen specializes in the interpersonal relationship and understanding of corporate and personal tax management, nationwide business management advisor, and back office business support. She is a member of the NATP, NSA, NYSA, ACAT, ACTP and the Council for Special Education Services. Maureen was also awarded mention in the "8th Edition of the Most Notable 200 Women for Outstanding Service to the Community, State, and Union," as well as the "International Directory for Who's Who of American Women". Maureen is a graduate of Hofstra University, and holds certifications in ATP and CTP. In her spare time, she generously volunteers for the homeless in soup kitchens, is very active in the autistic community, and is a strong supporter for animal rights.

Thomas Puglia


Thomas joined the firm in 2007 as Client Relations Manager, focusing on our personal client base. His role also included implementing interactive documents, programs and systems for our client base. Currently as Chief Operations Officer, Thomas is responsible for overseeing payroll clientele and personal tax, while executing and implementing the operational directive within the firm so that our first priority, client satisfaction, is achieved. Thomas is a graduate of Hofstra University with a Bachelor’sdegree in Business Management.

When Thomas is not working, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling with his wife, landscaping, and visiting vineyards within his local town. Thomas has served as Vice President of hisHome Owners Association.

Julio Gomera

Corporate Manager

Julio Gomera joined the firm in 2007 as a corporate accountant. He currently is our Corporate Manager, who serves clients in levels of corporate entity management and financial workflows. Prior to joining Berrios & Associates, Inc., Julio worked as an accountant for a national real estate management company.

Julio has a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Lehman College; he will be pursuing his Master's degree at Columbia University. He has been very active with the Boy Scouts of America, neighborhood youth programs, and Christian youth programs.

Lisa Kipperman


Lisa Kipperman has over 35 years of experience in the accounting field. Prior to joining Berrios & Associates, Inc. in 2013, Lisa worked in the construction industry for Pratt Brothers Inc. as a bookkeeper. She worked full time for many years and then went part time to raise her family.

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Dowling College. She volunteered as a Girl Scout leader for 2 years and as a Boy Scouts academic coordinator for 4 years. Lisa has volunteered as the treasurer for the Soundview Montauk Property Owners Association for the past 7 years.

Ashley Puglia


Ashley Puglia joined Berrios & Associates, Inc. in 2014 to assist in both personal and corporate services, as well as provide back office support. Ashley graduated from Five Towns College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management; she minored in music. In 2004 she received radio airplay for an original pop song; the same song was named in the top 100 songs of the International Billboard Songwriter’s Contest.

Ashley held manager and supervisor positions at a private beach club in the Hamptons for over 12 years. She is passionate about her catering business, where she prepares food using organic, local ingredients. Ashley enjoys walks on the beach, mindfulness,and wellness activities.

AnneMarie Gallitto


AnneMarie is responsible for the recording of financial transactions for our organization, which includes purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by our clients and partnered corporations.

AnneMarie joined the firm in 2014. Previously, AnneMarie worked in Accounts Payable/Receivable and as a Billing Clerk for Cheyenne Software and Computer Associates.

Claribel Martinez


Claribel has been working in accounting since 2013. She worked at two other small firms prior to Berrios & Associates, Inc. Claribel is responsible for the preparation of financial statements, bank reconciliations, posting journal entries, and weekly contract activities for clients.

Claribel holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from SUNY Old Westbury.